Plate Armouring Journal
November 1999 - May 2000

~Early Great Helm, aka Pot Helm~

16th of November, 1999
6pm to 11pm

I started on this a while ago, back around the start of November.
Picture of the mostly completed top of the helm and the face plate after some plannishing.

After another night of work

Picture of parts of the helm held together by a couple nuts and bolts and some vice grips. Someone told me I have that "deer caught in the headlights look" :)

...and another night (1st of December, 1999)

Picture of the helm witht the perferated plate brazed in. Master Gregory did the brazing. The breaths are not done yet and it still needs some cleaning up but it is now usable and works great. This picture was taken just a little while after I used it for the first time. The leather cheek plates offer a little bit of extra padding for my ears and jaw but their main purpose is to better secure the helm to the sides of my head when the chin strap (which is on the outside of the leather plates) is tightened.

Picture of the inside of the helm with some padding. I also wear a padded coif and a maille coif (with a ventail!) under the pot helm.

28th of May
...After many hours of filing...
The pot helm is done now. I don't remember exactly when I finished it cause it was a few more months than a couple months ago. Its about the same as in one of the pictures above except all the breaths are done, filed out to rectangles, and the cross on the front has sort of a decorative foot at the bottom of the face plate. More pictures of this helm, and the armor that I use it with, can be found in my Full suit of Maille page.

Pictures of and a rough pattern for the padded coif I am wearing under this helm.

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