Early 16th century German Half Harness
June, 2010

July, 2008

The note below about needing to do more work on this before I'd be happy with it... I have since done quite a lot to it and need to do more... but - I refitted the breast and back plate, and tassets/fauld; added a bit of fluting to the breastplate and tassets; added the lower arm splints to the arm harness; replaced the pivoting rivet for opening the gorget with a hinge on the neck lames; fixed a blown hinge on one greave, and replaced the now rusty old super-buffed mirror finish with a brushed satin finish that should patina more evenly. Here are a couple new pictures... in the first one I had been experimenting with wearing my roc under the armor, and normally wear the full greaves with that, but not on a wooden gym floor. The second pic is just showing the fluting on the tassets. I want to switch to using minimal hidden knees under my slashed hosen instead of steel legs, and also start using the tassets more often... and then I need a nicer helm. actually, I would almost be happy with this helm if it was not blue and if the padding I wear under it did not overlap onto my gorget. but...


20th of March 2003.
A larger more detailed picture (210k)Here's an earlier version of this same armor before I decided rework it, add fluting, and pretty much do away with protection for the lower legs as would be more appropriate for a Landsknecht.