Munitions Grade Armour, Early 16th century
For those interested in 16th century munition grade armour, almain rivet, etc... I am putting together this page of historical examples. If you have photos of such armour, or period depictions (woodcuts, drawings, paintings, etc.) that you would like to see included here, feel free to email (or make them available to me by some other means - post them online and send me a link, or send them on CD through snail-mail or whatever) them to me and I will try to upload them as I have time. These are posted for research purposes and I will try to mention what museum or collection they came from if that is known to me.

A painted Sallet in the Wallace Collection.
Clicking the picture will take you to the page for this helmet on the Wallace Collection Website, where you can find a lot of cool information on this helm but only this one picture.

The next few pictures are ones I took at the Higgins Armoury Museum in Worcester, Massachusetts. It is a similar sallet to the one in the Wallace collection, but is missing the visor and articulated plate in the back. If you look closely in some of the pictures you might notice a slight difference in the paint/patina where the missing plates once overlapped the edges of what is currently there. Also, with these plates missing we can see various details along the edge that would otherwise be covered, such as pairs of holes for sewing on a fabric cover or additional lining materials.

More information on this Almain Rivet harness can be found by clicking on its picture, which will take you to its page on the Winchester Museums website.
The next three photos, of a pair of splinted arm defences similar to what is seen on the Almain Rivet shown above, are from my last visit to the Higgins Armoury Museum.