Plate Armouring Journal
January 2001

~Pikemen's Pot/Morion~

I didn't keep track of hours or anything on this one, no in-progress photos either cause I was too much of a slacker... but I'm sure I'll be doing another one of these at some point, maybe I'll get some pics while that one's being made. This was made for SCA rapier combat our blade combat practice. The face plate is removable. Hmmm.. notes on construction: The helm is made from 5 pieces (two for the skull, two for the brim, and one length of steel rod welded to the top of the comb as a reinforcement), all welded construction (I learned to weld with a torch, yay!). The face plate is perforated steel plate brazed to a frame of 1/4" roundstock (I learned to braze, yay!). There are a couple things about this helm that I was not really happy with at first.. one was that one of the skull halves was not dished as much as the other and I did not notice until after I had them welded together, the other thing was that the comb is a little uneven in some places.. but thats because of the uneven dishing problem. Oh well, I've seen pictures of period ones from museums that had worse problems. It also has an adjustable leather liner, the cheek plates are also lined with leather and the face plate has a short leather bib. As will be seen in the pics, the helm is worn over a padded cloth coif (made from a moving blanket. To get an idea for how to make a padded coif, look at the wet suit hoods scuba divers wear.)

Picture from the front, with faceplate.
Picture from the back.
Picture from above.
The next three were taken indoors, I like the lighting a lot more...
Picture three-quarter perspective without faceplate.
Picture from the side, without fave plate
Picture of the inside, without face plate.

Pictures of and a rough pattern for the padded coif I am wearing under this helm.

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