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Intertwining Bracelet #2
This is the first bracelt made from one of my
original recipe weaves... The large rings are
16 gauge 1/4" inner diameter and can be made of
stainless, brass, copper, red copper, or nickel
silver. The small rings are 20 gauge
1/8" inner diameter stainless steel.

European 4in1 Bracelets, style #1
These braclets, made in the standard
European 4in1 weave, are available
in 16 gauge Copper, Red Copper,
Nickel Silver, Stainless Steel,
brass, and combinations of these
materials. The bracelets to the
left are Stainless; Red Copper;
and a Red Copper and Brass combo.

Intertwining Bracelet #3
This Bracelet is similar to intertwining #2, but
made from three braided strands instead of two.
the same options are available as in the one
above and I can also blue each strand so it is
a slightly different color.

European 6 in 1 Bracelet
"...something about 6 in 1 says 'I'm a very happy piece of
-Mookenstein, who once made some 6 in 1...

These bracelets are available in a variety of
widths and ring sizes. The width is measured
by the number of rings wide the bracelet is.
These bracelets have to be at least three rings
wide to keep their shape but I can make them as
wide as you want. More time and materials go into
wider bracelets so I charge per row. I currently
offer three ring sizes for this style of bracelet
to be made of. The bracelet pictured above is
"size 1" and five rows wide. Click on that picture
to see all three sizes together in one picture.
Prices and details are to the right.

Ring Size 1
1/4" 18 gauge, Stainless or Mild Steel.
Three rows wide...$20...
Additional rows...$5 each...
Ring Size 2
7/32" 18 gauge, Stainless.
Three rows wide...$20...
Additional rows...$6 each...
Ring Size 3
5/32" 20 gauge, Stainless.
Three rows wide...$30...
Additional rows...$6 each...

Spiral Bracelet W/ Twisted Wire
This is made from a new type of chainmaile ring I recently
found out how to make... Each link is made up of two pieces
of 18 wire that have been twisted around each other and
formed into 3/8" inside diameter rings. I also add a row of
normal 1/8"ID 20ga rings up both sides of the chain to keep
it from unwinding as spiral chains tend to do...
If you want, I can heat blue (for no additional cost) this
bracelet which will turn the steel a very dark blue and the
stainless trim a dark golden brown, sometimes with a slight
redish tint...It comes with a hook clasp but other options
may be available.
I nowlonger make these. They are too much of a pain in the
*@$%$... well, that's not entirely true. I might be tempted
to make one for, ummmm, $75.

Spiral Cylinder Chain Bracelet
This one is made from 20 gauge blued Stainless Steel.
The rings have an inner diameter of 1/8".

Cylinder Chain Bracelet
This type of chain has a very nice feel to it,
its much smoother and a bit heftier than it's
cousin the boxchain. Metal types available for
this bracelet are stainless steel (as shown in
the picture above), blued stainless, mild steel
and blued or blackened mild steel. Combinations
of blued mild steel and blued stainless are
also possible. The rings are 18 gauge 5/32"
inner diameter.
Another Cylinder Chain Bracelet
A finer cylinder chain made from smaller rings
than the one to the left. I currently only make
this bracelet from Stainless Steel but it can
be heated to a bronze-like color or be left
shiny. The rings have an inner diameter of 1/8"
and are made from 20 guage Stainless Steel.
Click HERE to see a picture showing
the difference between my two sizes of cylinder
chains. Because the smaller chain takes more
rings to make, it is a little more expensive.

Double Wide Boxchain Bracelet
This Bracelet is made from two lengths of small
link stainless steel boxchain connected together
at a corner. Made with 5/32" inner diameter rings
of 20 gauge stainless steel. This bracelet is not
limmited to being only double wide... it can be
triple, quadruple, quintuple... as wide as you
want it to be. I charge an $12 added to the base
price for each extra width.
Double wide...$30...

Oriental 6 in 1 Weave w/ Silver Nuts
I have some silver hexnuts ...but in a very limited supply so when I
run out I'll have to start using galvanized ones from the hardware
store. The other rings in this weave, the ones holding the nuts
together are 5/32" inner diameter 20 gauge Stainless Steel. The nuts
and stainless rings I used work well together to produce a dense yet
very flexable weave. The six sided nuts also work well in the
hexagonal pattern used here. Since I got these hexnuts for free,
I don't feel the need to charge the additional price for silver,
only for the time needed to make something with them.This bracelet
is about one inch wide.

Open Hexagon Weave w/ Silver Nuts
Same materials as used in the bracelet
above but made into a more open pattern.

Zigzag Bracelet
This style of bracelet was the first piece of jewelry to
be added to this site and it is still one of my most
popular bracelets. Available in two colors, shiny stainless
steel, or stainless steel that has been roasted to a golden
brown. Made from 18 Gauge stainless steel links with a 1/8
inch inside diameter.
Available in two lengths: 7 or 9 inches

Intertwining Bracelet
Two different colored pieces of mail
that weave under and over each other;
one has been heated to a golden brown,
the other is left as shiny stainless steel.
Or, if you'd like it better, I can leave
the entire thing with it's natural silvery
stainless color. Made from 18 Gauge
stainless steel links with a 1/8 inch
inside diameter. 8½ inches long.

Really tight weave diamond outline Bracelet
The tightest chainmail weave I've ever seen that can still be used
and look good! The stainless steel links have been roasted to a nice
golden brown and the mild steel links that make up the diamond shaped
outlines have been heated to a dark blue. The stiffness of this piece
comes from the mild steel links which are about 1/100 of an inch
smaller than the stainless steel ones. Made from 18 Gauge stainless
steel and mild steel links with a 1/8 inch inside diameter.
Available in two lengths: 6½ or 8 inches
I really have not enjoyed making these and was thinking about removing
them from the catalog, but then I said "well, I guess I would make one
for someone if they gave me $100".

Spiral Bracelet
Available in Brass, Stainless Steel, nickel silver, copper, and red copper.
Made from 16 Gauge stainless steel or brass ¼ inch inside diameter links.
7-9 inch circumference

Box Chain Bracelet
Made from mild steel or stainless steel.
Stainless Steel is available in either 18 gauge
1/4" inside diameter rings or 20 gauge 5/32" ID
rings. Mild Steel is available only in 18 gauge
1/4" inside diameter rings. Available with a
blued finnish or left as the metals natural
color. 7-9 inch circumference

pay no attention to
this useless box...

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