~Leather and Maile Armor~
(AKA Lorica Hamata)

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This is a shirt I made with some 16 gauge bronze alloy welding wire.
The inside diameter of the links is a little bigger than 1/4" but
smaller than 5/16". The trim is brass rings of the same size.
The shirt is actually based on armor from a computer game I use to
play a lot of (it's the "Antique Armor" from Ultima VII part 2, the
Serpent Isle). It's a very similar style shirt to the celtic version of
the Lorica Hamata. I ran out of wire before it could really be completed,
I'd like to make the shoulders a bit wider to give better covorage for
the upper arms and I may make it a little longer. The important thing
to notice about this shirt is the way the maile grain runs around the
shoulders...its like a mantle. Not many people make shirts this way
because its more complicated than the widely used square shouldered
pattern' for shirts of maile.

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