Using Multiple Ring Sizes
to create different effects in common weaves

This page and was first made sometime around 1998 and has not been updated very much since then. There are now several other sites dealing with the artistic side of maille and more information of this sort can be found through those sites. This particular page is unlikely to likely gain any new content over the years.

In each row I used a ring that was just a little larger than in the row before to make the maille curve without using an expanding/idle ring method, I also like the way it looks...much more interesting for jewelry and stuff like that than expanding by adding more rings per row.

Its like the one before but with a more gradual expansion (less curvature). I like this one alot more than the first one...transition between ring sizes looks smoother.

Same concept as the first two but with the grain running the other way. I like it.

A variation of "kingmail" using small and large rings, the smaller ones sit inside the larger ones. Only half the rings were doubled because the rings bunched up and it would not lay flat when rows running in both directions were doubled.

this was made to show a boxchain made with different size rings to make it taper. On one end I made it taper to a really fast by using smaller rings in each little box section. The rings on the other end decrease in size every five or so rows.

here is an Oriental 4 in 1 with larger rings in each horizontal row. I should have used smaller vertical rings...