Jewelry Clasps

These are my handmade clasps that are currently available on items that require clasps. As I do not really enjoy making these (I'd much rather be weaving maille, or doing something other than making clasps), I do not sell them in bulk or individualy. All clasps on this page are made with many of the same tools as I use for mailmaking, and made with the same stainless steel wire as I make most of my chainmaille from. Though I sometimes use commercialy produced clasps on random stock items, I use my own when possible. If any of my clasps fail to function as they should, I will replace them for only the cost of shipping to and from me (prolly about $4 for jewelry items). I often use whatever type of clasp I feel will work best on whatever I am making, but if you want your item to have a certain one of the clasps shown below, let me know and if possible I'll use that instead. Also, when I have time, I play with new clasping ideas. My new clasps go through a testing period where I wear an item with the new clasp design for a few days to see if it comes undone too easily or if there are any other problems. If it passes the testing period, I may or may not remember to add it to this page, so it is possible that you could get a clasp style that is not shown on the page below.
Hook Clasp: This is the standard clasp design that I use, and was the first one I learned to make. I learned this one from Spiggy. Many thanks to Spiggy for sending me a bracelet with this clasp on the end of it.. I also learned the full persian weave from the same bracelet. Thanks Spiggy.

Hooked Hook Clasp: This one is like the one above, but with an inward turned hook on the end of the hooked end. This is added safety catch so it does not come undone quite so easily. The only bad thing about this is that it makes it a lot harder to take off.

Toggle Clasp:

Bar Clasp: This is a variation of my Hook Clasp design but it works nothing at all like the hook clasp. This clasp design is made for wider styles of bracelets or belts and can be used instead of multiple hook clasps on things that are wide enough that multiple clasps are sometimes desired.

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