Bio and Random Information about the Artist

Matthew Eric Johnston was born in 1977 in Bangor, Maine; an area where he has lived for most of his life. Matthew is a part time student at the University of Maine, where he is a Studio Arts major (and thinking about a minor in Medieval and Renaissance Studies).

For a long time Matthew has been greatly interested in history. Of particular interest to him is the Holy Roman Empire during the first half of the 16th century, which he and his wife, Eliana, have not only been researching through modern and contemporary literature and art, but also through hands on immersive research into material culture - which involves aquiring (usually by researching and then making, because he is a poor college student) reconstructions of period clothing, weapons, armor, and other goods. He has been involved with the Society for Creative Anachronism and various other Medieval and Renaissance reenactment and living history groups since he was 16 years old, recieving national and worldwide recognition in those groups for the level of authenticity and high end interpretation produced through his efforts.

When he is not fighting people with swords, making period clothing, or hunting with a reproduction 16th century sporting crossbow - he may be found engaged in other artistic persuits such as metal sculpture and blacksmithing, making stained glass, painting, or printmaking.

With rabid lust and vigor, Matthew has for many years also enjoyed sea kayaking, crawling into holes in the ground, randomly wandering the countryside, and long-ass-cross-country-roadtrips - though since getting married in 2007 he has mostly settled down in order to go back to school and begin setting up his studios and workshops in Dedham, Maine.

More information about all of the above can be found on his other website:


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