~Stuff for Sale~
From time to time I'll update this page with things that I have available for sale or trade. Some of this is finished stuff, some things are in progress but to the point where I can make finishing an item a priority if someone shows serious interest. This is stuff that I've made, unless noted otherwise. Email me if you are interested in anything I have on here.

Viking / Norman-esque Helm, attributed to an apprentice of Icefalcon Armory

This is a helm I bought at Pennsic while shopping around for a couple helmets to refit for rebated steel combat. It is stainless, I think the top is 12 gauge and the rest (cheeks, nasal, back plate) are about 18 or 20 gauge, so only the top could really be converted to an SCA legal helm. I remember Andre saying it was a practice helm made by one of his apprentices, or something like that... anyways, it looked like something I could modify for my non-SCA use but instead I eneded up using the the bascinet listed above, so this has spent much of its life as a book end for my D&D books. The seam at the top could use some additional sanding and buffing to really finish it up nicely. It would make a nice costume helm, or someone could refit it for whatever sort of non-SCA combat that they might use it for. I originally paid $150 and am asking $130 for it now.

Steel Mechpunk hinged colar

This is a collar/choker made out of 30 one inch steel hinges, solid brass rivets, a re-purposed nail, and a part from a bicycle chain. Each hinge has been decoratively filed and the whole piece given an aged looking dark patina. It closes by means of a key-like pin which does not come all the way out so it wont get lost, and should you want this for your pet it also has a small point for attachment of a leash. It fits snugly on any appendage measuring 14 inches in circumference, and a one inch extension piece is currently in progress. Price for this one is $150