~Full Suit of Maille~
24 Feb. 2001

Coif with Ventail

Ventail up...

Ventail down.


Back of the hand.
This is padded for
use with steel blades.

The leather palm.
Still not done yet.

Picture of the sword I use with this armor

It actually belongs to Master Gregory, but he lets
me use it for demos and wearing with this suit.

Some pictures of the chausses without the hauberk

Older picture of the suit, with an earlier incarnation of the chausses

...and a few older pictures of the lower part of the old pair of chausses..
This is a picture of the lower half which is made of aluminum. These pictures are to show how I attach the maile to my arming shoe as well as show the direction of grain as the maile extends out over the foot.
...and from the back. Notice the lack of arming points along the back and not the missing link on the bottom row.
...and from above. This picture, although a bit outa focus, shows the expansion down the center.
...the "arming shoe". Yes, its a plain ol' shoe with some links stuck through the leather and some string on the front. The links go about halfway back to the heel on each side. The two lengths of shoelace lace through the toe of the chausses and back through to be tied off at the last link on the shoe, as seen in the other pictures.