Outdoors/Hunting Garb

These pictures were taken while on vacation and visiting family in upstate New York. There are a lot of old stone foundations in the woods at the edge of one of our meadows so I hiked out once to roughly measure and map them out, then went out again to dig a couple small test holes - which is when Eliana took these photos (the last two photos on the page are the same outfit a few years ago, before current changes, and were taken by someone else).

I pulled these photos from her collection because I think they show the hat well, and a few people had asked me for more information on how to make one like it. Also new for this set of photos are the lower parts of the sleeves that I've added to the coat to make it less like a 'waffenroc' style skirted doublet, and more like the kind of coat Emperor Maximilian is often shown wearing while hunting. The sleeves are made of wool that almost matches the rest of the garment, they are lined with linen, and open along the inside of the elbow.

I've also added some pinking to the front and back of the neck area on the woolen coif, partly for a little more ventilation, but mostly because the neck opening was a little too small for my head to fit through easily and I was tired of it trying to rip my face off every time I took it off.