What do I have Instock now?

~But first, a few notes about this page and chainmaille~

This is a list of what I currently have available for sale. I'm going to try to keep this list as current as possible, though I might not always have a chance to remove an item from the list as soon as it is sold. Right now I'm just getting this page put together so it may, for a while, not be as informative as it will be later on. For the time being, to figure out exactly what an item is, you may check my old catalog pages through the links at the bottom of this page, and check out my Page of Maille Weaves. In the future, I will have this page set up simialr to the layout of my old catalog pages.

For most Items made of chainmaille there are certain sizes (ratio of wire thickness ~gauge~ to the interior diameter ~ID~ of the ring) of rings that work best for any given weave. If the ID is to large in relation to the gauge, the ring will be weak and the weave will look and feel very loose. If the ID is to small in relation to gauge, the weave created will be to stiff and rings will open up if it is flexed with too much force, which obviously causes a lot of damage to the piece. Most chainmaille weaves have one or two sizes of rings per gauge that are optimal for the creation of certian weaves. In the page below, I will give ring sizes of items in either a format of gauge & ID, or for some items, as gauge & tight/loose weave.. tight and loose being not too tight or loose for the given weave, but the sizes that work best, and just gauge when I only use one size ring of the given gauge for that weave.

now another note to confuse us all more.. Measuring wire in gauges is pretty much the way that most people use for measuring wire thickness. But for some reason, there are several standards of gauges (at least three) that are all different. One company's 16ga wire might be another company's 17 or 18ga wire, depending on what country it was made in or what system of gauges they subscribe to. To help clear things up a bit, most of the wire I use is welding wire (which really is a good thing as the metal content is cleaner because unexpected impurities could cause weak welds.. so I am able to get strong alloys, the sort that are often used to hold together the hulls of ships and other large metal objects which undergo a lot of stress on a daily basis).. eh, anyways. Welding wire is measured in decimal inches. Because I am so used to using the word gauge (a familiar word to anyone who's browsed about the various chainmaille websites), I'll continue to do so, but here I'll also give the actual size of the wire as it relates to what I have noted seems to be most often used gauge standard.

0.0625" diameter wire is what I call 16 gauge (1.1587mm)
0.045" diameter wire is what I call 18 gauge (1.143mm)
0.035" diameter wire is what I call 20 gauge (.89mm)

See my old catalog pages for full item descriptions. Unless otherwise noted, all items are stainless steel, except for the nickel... but the nickel is not really for sale. It's just there to show the size of the chainmaille jewelry pieces, which like the nickel, were scanned at 100dp/cm.

1 European 4-1 Bracelet style#1, 16ga; $10
1 Half Persian 4-1 Finger Ring, 20ga-tight, Inner diameter of ring about the size of a US dime. $15
Bracelets, Rings, hand-things, etc.

2 Full Persian Bracelet, 18ga; $10 each

1 Full Persian Bracelet, 20ga; $18

1 Half Persain 4-1 Bracelet, 18ga-tight; $15

1 Hex-Nut Japanese 6-1 Bracelet, silver nuts; $30

1 Japanese 4-1 Bracelet, double linked, 20ga; $25

1 Byzentine Bracelet, 18ga; $15

1 Half Persian 3-1 Sheet Bracelet, 18ga; $25

1 Cylinder Chain Bracelet w/ 3 spacer chains, 20ga; $35

1 Cylinder Chain Bracelet, w/ 3 green glass beads, 20ga; $35

Necklaces, Chokers, neck-things, etc.

1 Byzentine Necklace w/ seven byzentine drops, terminating in alternating green and blue glass beads. 20ga. $60
1 Choker/Necklace w/ Dags, Euro 4-1, 20ga; $60
1 Beaded Byzentine Necklace, green copper & eleven red glass beads, 20ga; $60
1 Cube Pendant, 20ga; $15
1 Persian-weave-variant Choker, 20ga; $35
1 Boxchain Necklace (I can shorten it to make it a choker), 20ga. $35
1 Euro 4-1 Ribbon Choker, five rows wide (5/8" wide), 20ga. $50
1 Half Persian 4-1 Necklace, 20ga-loose; $50
1 Full Persian Necklace, 20ga; $60
1 Byzentine Necklace, 20ga; $45
3 Coin Pendants. $25 each
1 Half Persian 4-1 Choker, 18ga-tight; $35

Miscelaneous Items: clothing/armour/fashion, chains, hacks, etc.

1 Decorative maille wrapped wooden egg; $90

1 Half Persian 4-1 Waistchain, 20ga-loose; $65

1 Byzentine Waistchain w/ dark green Aventurine gemstone bead on end of 39" long chain (can be shortened if desired); $90