23 Things I'll Trade Chainmaille For
~23 Things I'll Trade Chainmaille for~

Last Updated: October. 2003

Last year I bought a sea kayak, an Old Town Millinium 174. Normaly about a $1200 kayak, it was onsale for $625 at Old Town canoe's big yearly sale. At this years sale I was lucky to find a Millinium 160, so I now have two touring kayaks and am working on outfitting the new one. Most of these have to do with kayaking or camping, but some do not. If you have any of these and don't want them, I'll trade you some chainmail for them, if they fit me and are in good condition... I usually give better deals on stuff I make when trading for things like this cause I don't have to bother with money as much.. money is a bothersome thing and I'd rather not have to worry about it when possible... so this is a list of things I'll trade for, have traded for, or bought since I listed them here.

I am looking for: (in no real order)

a third (or 4th? can't have too many) touring kayak, something similar to OT's Millinium 174 or 160, and stuff to outfit it and another person or persons for touring.
a dry suit, dry-cloths, or lightweight survival suit (that'll fit someone 5'8", 120 lb)
a hand held air horn
a spray skirt that fits a Millinium 174 got two, could use another. costs $60-$100
a pair of thin neopreme paddling mitts or poggies
a pair of neopreme boots, sturdy ones with sturdy soles (size 8 or 9)
a good touring paddle got one, would like to have 2 more. costs $140-$300
flares: handheld, waterproof, cost $20 to $25 for a pack of three
a wetsuit that'll work well for kayaking
more dry bags, one that's pointy to fit the pointy front of my kayak would be good.
Dry bag made for CD player, costs about $35
Dry bag for charts/maps
Bilge pump
VHF radio
weather radio (Oregon Scientific 8000)
Deck bag got one, could use another
Sea anchor and fittings for kayak
Deck Compass
Tent, one thats better than my $25 Wall Mart dome tent, less poles are better.
Hand held GPS
MRE's and other such food things
Battery recharger, solar powered
salt water resistant solar panels that could power a small handheld electric boat motor and fit on the deck of my kayak (hey, I can hope for such things)
small handheld electric boat motor that can run off solar panels
Cockpit cover
Desalinizing Reverse Osmosis Pump, hand opperated (makes sea water drinkable)
Books on kayak touring and sea kayaking
a pair of Birkenstock "Londons", that fit men's size 8 or 9. Brown would be best, but other colors might be okay.

Some bicycle stuff! the little mirror that can attach to my handlebars, pannier packs (already have one pair, but hey, I like to try out new equipment)... maybe just about anything that would be usefull for some light duty bike touring.. a trailer!

Sea-Sherman PFD by Lotus designs... I bought the basic Sherman PFD before I knew about the sea kayaking version, and love it.. only things that would make it better would be more pockets and things to keep stuff handy, and brite yellow instead of dark grey and black... and hey, then it'd be just like the SeaSherman.. imagine that :)

Deluxe Bivy Sack made by Outdoor Research. I have their standard bivy, but something with a center pole might be nice... again, the thing about liking to try new equipment.

I'm looking for a few CDs. Mostly hard to find stuff by Laibach. I will trade very well for any of these. Here's a list of what I'm looking for, or have been looking for: (in no particular order)
MB December, 1984
Occupied Europe NATO Tour, 1994 (CD & VHF)
John Peel Sessions: Laibach
Krst Pod Triglovom
Paracelus (300,000 V.K. & Peter Mlarkar)
Also Sprach Johann Paul II (300,000 V.K.)
mp3 of the song Steel Trust by Germania (a sideproject of Laibach)
Two albums on vinyl: Kapital (also looking for this on casette tape... different versions were released for each format), and WAT.