Bike Trip: Bangor to Bath
~Bike Trip: Bangor to Bath~
Date: mid-July, 2000

I'll post the journal entries from this later, sorry, no pictures.. it was a bike ride that would've taken me from Bangor to Portland at the furthest, with a three day stop at an SCA war so I could rest for bit. Turned out that the ride to the SCA event, near Bath, only took about three days instead of the five that I had planned on... so I got to camp out in the woods for a couple days.. and even better, it was right next to the ocean. I had a mighty battle with a hoard of ticks.. we don't have ticks up in Bangor yet. On the last day of the SCA event, it rained A LOT and turned the fields and dirt roads into bottomless mudpits. Everything I had with me was soaked, including myself, so I decided to just catch a ride back up to Bangor with someone who was headed there and had room in his truck for my stuff (thanks Vey!!). A couple hours after leaving, the rain stopped and it cleared up... but we were almost back in Bangor by then.. and I was wishing that I would have stayed in the rain until it stopped, gave my stuff a day or two to dry out, and continued on to Portland. If the Great North-Eastern War is at the same place next summer, I might try kayaking there.