Here's what I have here....
Who? What?
Who am I?
What is this Place?
My Online Catalog
I make and sell quality chainmaile
jewelry, stuff for leather jackets
and other small items..
Things I make but do not sell yet
Pictures of my armor and other stuff
I make don't want to sell either
because I've not yet had enough
practice at it or people don't want
to pay what I think its worth.
My patterns for stuff
More information about maile construction
than actual patterns for stuff. Not much
that'll be usefull to beginners but there's
alot of stuff that more experienced
mailers will find interesting.
Antique Chainmaile Purses
My collection of antique
chainmaile purses (all three of 'em!).
I learned how to make my first
piece of maile from one of them.
Bullets VS chainmaile
A picture of a bullet after
I shot my hauberk and what
it did to some of the links
it went through.
Types of Rings I Use
Pictures of the rings I make my maile
with and some information about them.
Page of Aimless Wondering
Walking, bicycling, kayaking
Page o' Links
not the kind of links that maille are made with...