Recent Updates

2013: Every so often I update my website here with pictures and information on projects I'm working on, but I frequently forget to mention anything here about it... honestly it's about time for me to give the whole website an makeover, maybe someday. Meanwhile, this was a fun project.,

September of 2009: Yearly update? I forgot to add this link a while ago... for almost a year I have been researching and trying to recreate and figure out how to use some 16th century german mountaineering equipment. A while ago I made a page on this site but just realized I had not added a link to it here (I really need to re-organize this website again). Anyways, here is the link: 16th C. Mountaineering in the HRE.

Oh, and here's another link... I had to make this website for a Digital Art Class a while back. In my opinion, the only part really worth looking are the Photo Montage projects based on historical art... Digital Art I Portfolio Website

October of 2008: I don't think I've updated much of what I said I needed to update for September, but I do have a new pet project that is going to live here with my other pages. On my hard drive I have a bit over 500mb if 16th century art related to the Holy Roman Empire, and several books waiting to contribute their contents to my digital research library... and now I've decided to start uploading it here for other people's research use. I don't have much of it online yet, but what I do have will be found here: Holy Roman Empire image library

September of 2008: I actually update things on here a lot more than I update things on this page, but school has been keeping me busy and I have a lot of things that need to be added to different pages. In the last month I have added some new things in the armor and historical costume pages; and in the next few weeks (or months... whenever I have time), I have stuff to add to the jewelry page, chainmaille hackysacks page, and want to make a page for some of the better stuff from my last four semesters of printmaking classes.

July of 2007: Amazing and Wonderful News!