A Knife
~A knife~

Spring of 2011
I finally made a knife. The blade is made from a rusty old lump of steel I found in the ditch across the road from my house - it was sort of recognizable as having once been a file. I don't have a forge set up yet in my own shop, so I used an angle grinder to shape the old file into a knife blade. A deer was kind enough to leave its leg bone in the woods for me to find, so I used that for the handle. The finials at each end of the handle are made out of a gaudy silver plated bracelet that I'd had kicking around for years and was happy to finally find a use for. The Pommel cap is an old shilling, I used engraving tools to remove the lettering from the coin. The rondel hilt is made out of three coins - a wavy-edged coin from Hong Kong sandwiched between a couple United Arab Emirates coins. I hammered and sanded the later smooth because I wanted them to look a little less like coins, but left the ridged edges because I liked the texture.