Spider #2, "Sven"
October 2003

Spider #2's name is not really Spider #2. He's just called that sometimes because he was the second spider I made (October 2003). His real name is Sven. Sven's main body parts are made out of a combination of Titanium and roller bearings (the black, squarish looking rings) from bicycle chains. The legs are also Titanium rod, covered with stretched stainless coils to add more texture to the appearance. small stainless coils were also used for the mandibles. The two maille parts of the body are done in the Jap-Cube weave, which was speacially tailored to create create the somewhat rounded or domed shapes. Total length, including legs, is about nine inches. From head to hind-end is five inches, and he stands just under four inches tall. I currently offer Sven up for sale at $500, which includes shipping and much grumbling to myself. Here's a scan that shows Sven in closer detail.