~Ordering Information~

At the moment I am only selling items which I already have instock. I'm still working on getting everything together with the new version of the website, so if your interested in something that's not listed on my "instock" page, ask me about it. I might have one and did not have a chance to update that page. There are a few exceptions to this.. I am still making maille hackysacks for people ordering them.

If you see anything here that interests you, or you want to custom order something send me email at: mailmaker@hotmail.com
Just tell me what you want and give me any information you might think I need (size of wrists for bracelets, if you like a loose or tight fit; size of neck if you want a choker or close fitting necklace; the length hair stick that works best for you if one of those is what interests you; etc.). For custom orders, tell me what you want and I'll email you back letting you know if I can do it.

After I recieve your order I will send email back confirming your order and giving an estimate of how much time it will take. If I do not here from you, I will send another email when the project is ready for shipping, this will include a mailing address for you to send the payment too, and the cost for shipping. your order will be shipped out as soon as I receive payment in US currency. As for shipping costs... I do not charge for shipping on small items (jewelry, hacks, etc.) sent withen the US becuase they do not weigh much and are inexpensive to ship. If you are ordering heavier items such as maille clothing or armor, or live somewhere outside the US, I'll have to check the price for shipping internationaly or for heavier items.

Starting sometime in the middle of February 2003, I may or may not be able to take orders or recieve email on a regular basis. I'm going out for a walk again and will be away for an undetermined amount of time.. likely somewhere between Charleston, SC and Portland, OR.