Buiten Schreef Triptych
July 2004 to present
Acrylic, central panel is 12x16", wings are 6x16"

Click panels for Higher Resolution Images. Each high res. image is between 500kb and 1000kb.

These three paintings are part of a larger series, which will go together into something similar to a triptych (or polyptich since there will be more than three panels). The wings will be able to close shut over the central panel. The reverse/outside of the wings will have a split painting which will form a complete image when the wings are closed... two other panels, painted front and back, will be hinged to either side of the closed triptych - to form a larger sort of triptych with this one nested inside of it. The reverse side, or back, of the central panel will also have a painting - all the paintings in this combined series will have a similar theme or somehow be related to each other. The whole thing, when finished, will be meant to be something that can be held and looked at like a book, rather than a wall mounted painting. As I mentioned before, I hope to give more information sometime soon and maybe update with some scans of other panels or drafts/drawings/designs as work progresses.

(Updated January 23, 2006) of the outside of the closed inner set of shutters. I've only started on some of the underpainting for this. Click Fishy Bosch drawing to see the whole thing...

The reverse side of the central panel was featured in the 2006 student art exhibit at the University of Maine. Here it is framed with an L shaped mat with some of the Bosch and Bruegel imagery used in the painting.

If your really bored while waiting for me to update this and want to find out more about where this project came from, pick up a few books on paintings and drawings by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, as well as Bosch... this series recycles work from both of those artists (mostly Bruegel, as well as some Jim Henson and Dr. Seuss) into something that is somewhat similar in style to paintings by Bosch - but with a more modern theme. Below is a list of works used things from.

Sources of Imagery: name of work (medium)- artist

Inner Left Shutter
Peasant Dance (painting) - Bruegel
Parable of the Blind Leading the Blind (painting) - Bruegel

Central Panel
Netherlandish Proverbs (painting) - Bruegel
Beggars and Cripples (painting) - Bruegel
The Field the Sees, the Forest that Hears (pen & ink drawing) - Bosch
Children's Games (painting) - Bruegel
Temptation of St. Anthony (pen & ink) - Bruegel
The Alchemist (pen & ink) - Bruegel
The Ass at School (pen & ink) - Bruegel
Gluttony (pen & ink) - Bruegel
Fall of the Magician Hermogenus (pen & ink) - Bruegel
Peasant Wedding (painting) - Bruegel

Inner Right Shutter
Parable of the Good Shepherd (painting) - Bruegel, or workshop of Bruegel
the Last Judgement Triptych, central panel (painting) - Bosch
the Hay Wain Triptych, right panel (painting) - Bosch
the Garden of Earthly Delights Triptych, left panel (painting) - Bosch
the Garden of Earthly Delights Triptych, right panel (painting) - Bosch
Seven Deadly Sins Roundel/Tabletop (painting) - Bosch
Seven Deadly Sins/Vices series (pen & ink) - Bruegel
Sesame Street, Muppet Show, Fraggle Rock (puppet characters) - Jim Henson
Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are? (book) - Dr. Suess

Outside of closed Inner Shutters
Land of Cockayne (pen & ink) - Bruegel
Land of Cockayne (painting) - Bruegel
Temptation of St. Anthony (painting) - Bruegel
Temptation of St. Anthony Triptych, right panel (painting) - Bosch

Reverse/Back of Central Panel
Painter and the Connoisuer (pen & ink) - Bruegel
The Bee Keepers (pen & ink) - Bruegel
The Cure for Folly (pen & ink) - Bruegel
Seven Deadly Sins/Vices series (pen & ink) - Bruegel
Head of an Old Woman (painting) - Bruegel

more info to be filled in....