~Gauntlet of Doom~

So...I decided to try making some plate armor. The first things I made were some rather ugly helmets... a somewhat misshapen greathelm, an odd looking attempt at some kind of klap visor-bellows visor for a helm I bought, an okay looking (for an early attempt) roman helm.. can be seen on this page, and my very first attempt of all was a very discouraging pair of knee cops. The Gauntlet pictured on this page was my first attempt at a gauntlet, and what I consider to be my first "serious" attempt at plate armor... where I actually looked around and found pictures... and (for many hours) studied and thought about how to make what I saw. All my earlier stuff was made for my SCA armors. Later stuff, such as this gauntlet, was made for use in unchoreographed livesteel combat (with rebated blades and pulled blows... kinda like the WWF of sword fighting).

Picture of what happened (Bone Contusion) to my hand when I should have been wearing my gauntlet but was not... and another Picture from a different angle. I took the pictures right before my parents drove me to the hospital because they thought my hand was broken.

A right handed gauntlet...

I had another batch (of slightly newer) pictures of this gauntlet that had better lighting, but the Geocities account I had them on died and all I have now are these older ones with bad lighting.. There are a few things on this gauntlet that are different now than when I took these pictures... the gauntlet is no longer blued. The plate for the thumbtip now fully encloses the tip of the thumb. The central wrist plate has been redone so that it has a wing (kind of like the wings on knee cops) to better protect the wrist. In the pictures below, the "strap" across the palm is string... that was long ago replaced with a leather strap.

For pictures and info about other plate armor I have done since I made this gauntlet (I think it was during the summer of 1997 or '98), go here

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