Death and the Chamois Hunter
Mixed Etching, Engraving, and Drypoint; ?"x?"

This print came out of one of my advanced printmaking classes at the University of Maine. It was one of two prints from that semester where the goal was to use techniques not covered in the printmaking curriculum at UMaine. With this plate I wanted to further explore engraving and its use in combination with etching and drypoint to create something somewhat in the style of mid-sixteenth century printmakers in northern and central Europe. At the time I made this I was also starting to research Chamois hunting as it was done in that same time and area. I decided to combine that interest with the motif of "death and the...." that was popularized by Hans Holbein earlier in the 1500's. I don't quite consider this plate to be fully resolved yet and hope to work more on it in the future.