Pieter's Piper
Etching, spit bite ?"x?"

I copied this guy from a drawing by Pieter Bruegel the Elder. The copper plate for this print started as one of my first experiments with etching while taking Printmaking 1 at the University of Maine. For some time after other students had set their experimental plates aside, I kept getting mine back out to practice more and try to push the plate towards having a somewhat resolved image. Almost anytime I did a significant amount of work on the plate I did a test print to see how the image was coming along. I later trimmed the top of the plate into an arch and used the plate for the "Buiten Schreef" frontispiece. The etching was done with Ferric Chloride and mostly using Future Acrylic floor sealant as a resist; though at some point towards the end of etching I decided to apply an aquatint resist and use spit biting to make the slight gradations of shadows.