Wedding Invitation, hand colored version

I pulled several prints from line block of my wedding invitation woodcut with the intention to try hand coloring them. I've had these laying around unfinished for a while, planning on working some more on them as practice for hand coloring other woodcut prints.

These two are printed on a printmaking paper which is a bit lighter weight than traditional watercolor paper. Because the paper is a bit thinner than what would normally be used with watercolor paint, extra care must be taken to not over saturate the paper with water while painting. Over saturating the paper might cause color bleeding, bits of the paper fiber to roll up from the surface, and other problems
This was one was an experiment with using the rolling/intaglio press to print the woodcut onto a wooden panel which had been prepared for painting. The panel was prepared for painting with multiple coats of gesso which was sanded smooth after each coat. The finished panel was sanded to what is generally called "egg shell smooth", which is an ideal ground for painting on panel with oil paints, and very similar to the surface that was prepared for panel paintings during the Renaissance. I've started painting it with oil paints, while trying to leave the paint thin enough for some of the woodcut details to show through.