Purse #1
...Purse #1...

These pictures are from a custom order purse I did in stainless steel.
A modernized variation of the small chainmail purses that were popular
in the 1920's. The main body of this purse measures about 4.5" by 5",
a deck of cards or pack of cigarette with enough room left over for
several other small items. Zipper Closure.
I can do a similar one in Nickel Silver for $120.

~Detailed Pictures~

For the handle I used a Mobius Chain variation made from several sizes of rings.

This is a close up of how I attached the cloth on the edge of the zipper to the rest of the purse using a 20 gauge 1/8"ID stretched spring.

A close up of the 6 in 1 weave used for the body of the purse. Made with 1/4"ID 18 gauge.

Detailed picture of the Kings Maile (double linked European 4 in 1) tassles I put along the bottom edge of the purse.

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