Some of my work was in the
University of Maine
2006 Student Art Exhibit

A few things I made for classes during 2005 and '06 were chosen to be in UMO's spring art exhibit. It's a juried show sponsored and juried by the art department faculty.

Cardboard Chair, fall 2005
This was for a cardboard chair building assignment for 3D Design class. Made entirely of cardboard held together with woodglue and supports over 200 pounds. This chair currently belongs to my cat, Pants, who weighs about 15 pounds.

We're going to sleep in the wind tonight,
in the wind who is laughing wildly
spring 2006

This was made in my sculpture-1 class for an assignment called "Body Poetics". The assignment was to find a poem or song lyric which you feel some sort of connection to, and make a sculpure of it that has a dimension similar to your own body - height, weight, mass, volume, etc. The poem I found was Laibach's War Poem - some portions of which reminded me of my wanderings and kayak/bike trips, and also of other vagrants and homeless folks I used to talk to. While I was working on this a local guy I used to talk to once in a while was burned alive while sleeping under a bridge so I fealt a special connection to this project. This is made of old clothing that was soaked in a 50/50 mix of white glue and water, I then put on the soaked clothing and layed down on the floor of the sculpture studio. It took over five hours to dry, even with the help of two friends with a hair dryer and heat gun. I then careufully peeled myself out and added more layers of glue to further stiffen the fabric.

Bloody Clod, Fertile Soil Fall 2005

A set of six cast and painted relief hydrostone tiles made for 3D design class. This assignment was to create some abstract narative tiles with a sense of rhythm or movement, and paint them - or something like that... it was a basic casting project where we put clay into plastic trays and pressed things (found objects or whatever) into the clay to make the molds. I tried to use a combination of organic/human shapes (porcelien doll arms and legs, a nude metal figure that was once a handle on something, a plastic Simpsons toy, my own hair and teeth, and bones from some once fuzzy creature) and mechanical things like bicycle chains, tools, gears, and keys. It flows in ripple-like waves or furrows starting with organic shapes, which become increasingly more grotesque until it turns into a bloody looking mass of defleshed things and machine parts. Towards the end the bony things start to look cleaner and the blood goes away, and at the end of the last tile things turn green again. I kind of wish I'd taken a little extra time to make a seventh tile as green seems to end too abruptly to be read as things starting to regrow. I made the wooden box to fit the tiles, and gave it my favorite finish of burning the wood, then sanding and waxing it with a carnuba based wax.

Dichotomy of Senses Fall 2005

This was a final project for my Drawing I class, which was to create an abstract self portrait based on wooden African masks... but, while doing sketches I came up with these ideas for abstract self portraits (not based on masks) that work well together... the professor let me go with that since I was planning on two portraits rather than one.