Chainmaille Sculpture Graveyard

This was originally going to be the belly for my first maille lizard that I made in 2009. It was abandoned for a couple of reasons - I did not like the abrupt transition between the extra long roller chain plates and the regular sized ones. I was able to smooth out the gradation of the overall width by using a combination of washer sizes, but the sudden shift in size between roller chain plates still bothered me. The other reason I did not like this as a lizard belly was that the sides of the lizard were made out of washers, and it did not seem right for the lizard's belly to feel more armored than it's sides.
This was my initial experiment in 2004 with overlapping washers in a Japanese 6 in 1 based weave in such a way that they would naturally form a dome or bowl shape. This patch was abandoned when the weave began to tighten up too much because of tension. As it is in this picture, weaving one more ring into the patch was nearly impossible and caused other rings to deform. My next experiment with this concept turned into the shell for my first maille turtle.
Sometime in around 2001 to 2003 I decided to make a maille fish. I got this much done on its body and decided it would make a much better sea turtle flipper than a fish. I set it aside for a while to contemplate fishes and sea turtles and have not done anything with it since. Maybe someday it will turn into one or the other, something else, or nothing at all. Weaves used are European 6 in 1 for the sides, woven together by Half Persian 3 in 1 along what would have been the fish's back and belly. Material is .045" stainless steel, rings are about 1/4" ID.

I've had this scrap laying around since 2002 or so. It was originally going to be an iguana, now it's just an iguana skin. It is made of two strips of one of the Dragon Scale variations that uses fewer small rings than real Dragon Scale, connected along what would have been the spine by Half Persian 3 in 1. Material is .045" diameter stainless steel, various ring sizes.