Turtle #3
December 2009

This is the third maille turtle I have made. It follows the same basic design as my earlier ones, but with an additional row of washers around the edge or the shell this one is about an inch wider than my earlier design. This one also uses parts from bicycle chains along side small washers for the belly, and parts from a chainsaw chain as claws. The eyes are circular bearings from a roller chain. Weaves used are Japanese 6 in 1 (with the round wire rings doubled) for the shell; a Japanese 4 in 1 based weave for the legs and belly; a hybrid of Half Persian 3 in 1 and European 4 in 1 for the tail; tailored Japanese Cube for the head, the trim around the shell is Half Persian 3 in 1, and small low ring count Mobius Balls are used for nostrils. Materials used are stainless steel round-wire maille rings of various sizes, steel washers (originally galvanized, then etched in Muriatic Acid to strip them down to bare steel); various parts from a Roller Chain; and parts from a chainsaw chain. The turtle was given a blackened finish that is similar to how cast iron cookware is seasoned.