~Connecting at Strange Angles~

On the left is each seam before its connected. The red and black lines
show where show what rings you'll need to pass the open rings through.
On the right is what the seam will look like when its done. I used
rings here so its easy to see what rings connect the two parts together.

I have gotten a couple requests for information on how to connect a 45 degree angle with European 6 in 1. Because of the density of this weave I was unable to draw the lines in to show exactly what closed rings the open ones go through but it is very similar to how it is done with 4 in 1. The picture on the left shows the two pieces of mail before they are connected together.

The picture on the right shows the seam in several stages of completion. It is important to notice that each horizontal row in the seem has two rings which complete it. If a 6 in 1 weave is two dense then it may be more practical to only complete the seam half way.

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