Square Rings for Maile?

Here are some square rings used as the horizontal links in the oriental four in one weave. The virtical rings are my normal round 1/8"ID 18ga rings. These were my first square rings. They are of 16 gauge aluminum and were made by wrapping the wire around a square mandrel. These were a pain in the ass to make and they didn't come out as square as I'd hoped the would. I made them by wrapping the wire around a square steel rod...the first few times I tried this the springs got stuck on the mandrel, then I tried it with a shorter length of wire and gave the mandrel a generous helping of WD40 and the spring came off much easier...but as soon as it did, it unwound slightly and turned into a square spiral shaped thing. so I twisted it back up by hand a little until it was mostly back to normal and started cutting the rings off. I think next time I want to try square rings I'll see if using my pliars to bend each side by hand will work better.

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