Maille Bikini Top #1
...Maille Bikini Top #1...

This chainmaille bikini top was made for the Chainmaille Board's Bikini Top design contest in august 2000. It won first place in the Pro catagory.
This style top is made from 18 gauge stainless steel in a tight european 6 in 1 weave. The top should be street legal for wearing without a lining. I was told that it is very comfortable and a lining prolly wouldn't be needed but I will line it if thats what a customer wants. I take great care in cutting and closing the rings to produce some of the smoothest chainmaille fabric around. The straps in the pictures are also made with the stainless 6 in 1 European weave, but I can do non-maille straps upon request of the customer. Measurements and fittings are best done in person to get a really good fit, but I might be able to work from measurements provided. If you are interested, contact me for information on what measurements I need. I can also blue this piece... blued stainless is actually sort of a bronze color
Current prices are as follows...
As seen in the pictures below:
Add $30
non-maille straps:
Subtract $30
These prices are for cup sizes A to C, D and larger I would have to charge more (about 30% sounds right) due to the amount of extra fabric I have to make.

I have several ideas for more stuff like this but I need bodies to fit the stuff to and model it for me.. if you are in the Bangor/central Maine area and are interested in modeling stuff for me (and have the right parts to model the stuff), I will give you good deal on some of the stuff I make in exchange. Email me if you are interested.

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