Ultima VII Mod: index of updates
January-9-08: Exult now supports intermap teleports with Z-coordinates, so some underground areas that are on their own map (built from the top down so you enter the upper areas of sub-map caves/tunnels and can go down stairs to lower levels) are now properly linked to the main map.

The main map has been expanded a lot and outdoor areas of the main continent are mostly finished (aside from NPCs and all the random encounters and such... but the -groundwork- is mostly done... one ruined city left to build in the desert, then a lot of main-map caves and dungeons)

I've continued working with NPCs and usecode. There are some conversable NPCs in Sunbury (lumber town), including Pieter who sells some mostly useless things at his general store (currently working on adding to his inventory, then will try to make it so he buys a few things, like meat).

july-3-07: I've begun work on some books in the game that give some history and information on various areas, which should help to create a foundation for the plot. for anyone with exult studio, they can be found as shape#1113 - currently using qualities 0,1, and 3.

20-6-07: quite a lot of new area has been added to the map, as well as the first couple of somewhat interactive/conversational NPCs of my own creation.