~Random Maille Information~

A few patterns for stuff but mostly information and pictures which
may be usefull to both novice and more experianced chainmail weavers.

Antique Maile Purses
From the 1920's and earlier.
I have a small collection of these.

More than Rings
Examples of Maille made from
more than your normal little
loops of wire

Padded Coif
Okay, so it's not chainmaille, but here is
a rough pattern for the padded cloth coif
I'm wearing under some of the helmets and
maille coifs in the armor sections of this

Gallery of Weaves and Variations on Weaves

Using Multiple Ring Sizes

Maile Sabaton Pattern
Pictures of a pair of sabatons
I made with this pattern can be
seen near the bottom of the
page for my Full Suit of Maile

Some Mailmaking Tools

From 1998, This was quite likely the
first online picture of this type of
chainmaille ring. Made by twisting
together two lengths of wire, then
coiling like normal wire