Ultima VII Mod
Index of updates and developements

Exult , which is a game engine created to enable Ultima 7 to run on modern operating systems. I plan on eventually adding more to this page, maybe a little something about different areas/people/cultures and history of the world I'm working on, as well as a scan of the roughly sketched map. I don't have a lot of time to work on this during the semester, but still do a little when I can. I am currently trying to flesh out as much of the main map as possible, as time allows, and will detail unfinished cities at a later point. Right now I am concerned that I may become sidetracked by other projects and never really finish this rather time consuming project. My original plans which relate to plot would include at least two other maps - one is a map of deep caverns, underground lakes/seas and rivers, populated by the various underground races - and an underworld/Boschian-hellish (partly inspired by H. Bosch's "Garden of Earthly Delights" and other similar works, and similar in ways to the Plains of Oblivion from Elder Scrolls IV, though I started this project months before seeing or playing that game...) sort of place which of course is where a lot of the plot later in the game will take place.

Here are a few screenshots...

If anyone is interested and knows how to work with usecode (or is good with programing in C, which usecode is very similar to)... and would like to contribute to this project, I could certainly use some help... also, in need of some custom graphics and stuff like that. I can do it, but I really just enjoy making the maps and the conceptual parts of it... I'm a painter that likes to paint with colors from a tube, painting digitally just feels strange and goes really slowly... and I feel I should leave programing up to real programmers (or at least someone who can pretend to be one), rather than myself, who clumsily bumbles along with trying to figure out functions and variables or whatever. Send me an email if interested in helping in any way!

the map in it's most current state... well, not really - slightly more has been done and uploaded.
Castine (working name), a large economy/trade obsessed city in the south-west of the continent. consists mainly of massive buildings of stone from the old quarries of the nearby town of Stonington (now an agriculture and fishing town since the quarries stopped producing good stone).
Sunbury is a logging/lumbering outpost in the great forest to the north west of Castine. Owned by Baron Norman, and under contract by the Emperor to provide Castine with fine lumber for the city's newer wooden buildings and for the Imperial Navy.
Sudberg (working name), is a ruined town in the south of Norstaat, a small kingdom which very highly values warriors, courage, valor, etc. Norstaat has been at constant war with the goblins of the kingdom's eastern mountains for many generations. Sometime in the last few decades the goblins got the upper hand by pumping an underground river to the surface to create an ever growing swamp at the heart of Norstaat, as well as capturing the keep Montgarde which had for many decades been the eastern most defense against the raging goblin horde. The sieged city of Nordgarde in the north is the all that remains under human control in this war-torn land.
Many refugees of Norstaat have immigrated south into the empire where some offer their martial services as mercenaries or adventures for higher, others have taken to banditry in the eastern grasslands, piracy on the seas, and many of the commoners have settled down in the caravan camp outside of Castine. This screenshot is of one of the bandit camps.
The grasslands of the empire are dotted with ancient ruins of old temples covered with serpentine motifs (some of which have been collected and put on display in the Imperial Museum of Castine). At the heart of the grasslands is a great bay with the Isle of the Naga at it's center. Naga are those cursed snake people that your mom warned you about who come in the night to steal bad little children, and this is a shot of their island.

Also, if you download the mod and want to take a quick look around... there is a telescope on the roof of a building in the mage school which is on the eastern side of the village to the east of the large city in the south-west corner of the continent. using the telescope you can scroll around the map and see it much faster than by walking. what I have done so far can be found here. The most current snapshot of Exult (available through the Exult link further up in this page) will be needed to be able to wander around the map, a copy of Ultima 7 also needs to be installed.