§Chainmail Cubes§

Solid cube of maile (Cube Pendant) made from 20 guage 1/8" ID links.

This pattern also works well for making some of those rear view
mirror dice. These are made from 16ga 1/4"ID links and measure
about 1¼ inches across. I charge $20 for a pair of these chainmail
mirror hanging dice.I make these out of Brass, stainless steel, and nickel silver.

Chainmail Rock, made from 14ga 3/8" ID mild steel links.
The chainmail Rock is not actually a cube, I did not add the square
corners, it's more rock-like without them.

...thats just the beginning...
the japanese 3D cube pattern (with minor variations and used along side other weaves) is one of the best ways to make solid chainmail sculpture. I have dabbled in this.. there is the spider shown somewhere on my "Other Stuff" page, and other small sculpture projects are in the works.

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