~German Cut Hose~
I made these during the summer of 2006

The annoyingly large MSword document linked below explains these somewhat more than I do here, and includes some of the images I used in designing these. What I was trying to recreate was the style of hosen frequently seen in woodcuts from "Der Weiss Kunig" (as well as a few other period sources), which are slashed and cut-off somewhere around the mid-thigh or just above the knee. The overall pattern is based on Janet Arnold's pattern (more info on that in the germancuthose.doc) for the leather foundation from a set of pluderhosen belonging to Nils Sture in 1567. These also are built on a foundation of thin garment weight leather, which I thought would help them keep the right shape as the wool stretches and sags (which is important for getting the right look when the wool is slashed)... so far that seems to be working out well. I initially thought that the leather foundation would not breath well and make for an unbearably warm and slimy feeling garment, but when I take these off after running around in them all day in the summer they are almost always completely dry inside and the leather is cool to the touch.. go figure. yay for natural materials.

Hand Sewn in three layers: a light-weight leather foundation, red linen, then wool.

Reference material from my SCA Arts & Sciences exhibit of these.