Chainmaille Clothing & Armor

Rollerchain-mail Corset
A post-apocalyptic/mechpunk chainmaille corset.

Chainmaille Purse

An example of one of my modernized variation of the small chainmail purses that were popular in the 1920's. The main body of this purse measures about 4.5" by 5", a deck of cards or pack of cigarette with enough room left over for several other small items. Zipper Closure. detailed pictures
This bronze shirt of mail, which I made in 1999, was originally inspired by the "Antique Armor" in Ultima VII, a video game that I played a lot when I was in high school... but the overall shape was based more on a style of mail shirt worn by Roman and Celtic cavalry.

Belt made from a tight Euro 6-1 weave.
18ga stainless, 1/4" ID rings.

Full Suit of Maille