~Jewelry Work~

Pendant.. forged steel rose with leaves on byzentine chain. rose is about 3/4 inch wide. designed to sit in/over the hollow at the base of the neck. 2004

Wedding Rings
I made my wifes wedding ring, which is the one on the left in the first picture. My ring, in the picture on the right, was made by Eliana's uncle, Richard Grinstein, who is a jeweler near Detroit Michigan. Both are made of sterling silver and the same piece of rose gold wire.

Copper Ring w/ Green
Seaglass stone

Hair Spikes/Sticks


Laibach Pin
Laibach is an industrial band from Slovenia. This is something I made for myself and am not making them for sale. I wanted some sort of Laibach pin but it's very hard to find stuff like this (or anything else) from them so I made my own. Made from two foreign coins that were about the size as a US 50cent coin. 2004.

Simple Rings made by wrapping 16 gauge wire around a 16 gauge wire core, then hammering flat, cut to length, and bend to shape and solder the ends. 1999.

"Snake Ring", Brass & Copper. 1999

Articulated Plate Ring. Brass. 1998

Belt Buckle. Nickel-silver and Brass