Page of Aimless Wandering
~Page of Aimless Wandering~

Once in a while, I get the urge to wander off by myself for a while. I use to wander off with others, but then all my friends got jobs, moved away, or just became lazy... so now I mostly wander off by myself. I'm not sure why I started doing this.. maybe walks and bike rides from Bangor to Orono, about a 3 hour walk or 45 minute bike ride (think that would have encouraged most people to get their driver's license) ... and with a couple camping trips with friends in the woods of northern Maine. Then early one evening, fencing practice was canceled so I decided to see how far I could go on a mountain bike... a week later, once my legs had recovered, I decided to see how far I could get on foot with a 40 pound pack.. I don't remember any wanderings from the next summer, but there might have been several camping trips or something like that. That brings me up to the summer of 2000, which is where I'll start the detailed bits of my wanderings and what lead up to them...

A picture taken by my father before I embarked from South Orington on a five day solo trip down the river and around Penobscot Bay - from South Orington to near Flat Island, then north around Isleboro and over to Castine and eventually ending in Stonington- about 65 miles and five days of stormy weather without a weather radio, during the summer of 2004.


Kayak Trip, Orington to Stonington


Matt's gone, he went for a walk or something?

~Summer 2002~

10 days of driving?

kayak trip, Bangor to Rockland

kayak trip, Saco River

~Summer 2001~

kayak Trip, Bangor to Camden

kayak Trip, Bucksport to Bar Harbor

~Summer 2000~

kayak Trip, Pushaw Lake to Bangor

Testing the Loon 138 on the Ocean

Bike Trip, Bangor to Bath

Kayak Trip, Bangor to Camden