My initial interest in printmaking came about in part from looking at medieval and renaissance art while doing research for historical recreation. My interest in material culture of northern Europe in the 16th century led me into amassing a huge collection of digitized copies of work by renaissance artists from north of the Alps, including many engravings, etchings, and woodcuts. I started to dabble in relief printmaking sometime in 2003, hand pressing my first woodcut, "Big fish eat the little fish" (designed after a detail from the Bruegel print of the same name), as well as a couple T-shirts hand pressed from linocuts. Though I had read up a bit on printmaking I was never very impressed with my results and my printmaking at that time did not go beyond a bit of dabbling as I found painting to be more enjoyable.

In 2005 I decided to start taking art classes at the University of Maine in Orono, not so much to pursue a fine arts degree, but more because I fealt I could benefit from a more structured studio experience and from working more closely alongside other artists. My interest when I started the Studio Arts program was in painting and sculpture, but first I had to get some basic art classes out of the way that were required before taking the painting and sculpture classes I wanted to get into. I took care of those prerequisites, but for the next semester the painting and sculpture classes I wanted to take were either not offered or filled up before I could get into them, so I had to find another studio class for that semester. I had also completed the prerequisites for printmaking, so I decided to give that a try. With significantly more guidance than I had in my previous dabblings in printmaking I learned a lot about different kinds of paper and inks suitable for traditional printmaking and found that it was something I was really having a lot of fun with. I ended up staying with it for four semesters, and when the advanced printmaking class I wanted was canceled due to low enrollment I had excelled enough to be one of two students placed ahead into a self directed independent study in printmaking.

Most of the prints on this page are from my four semester concentration in traditional printmaking at the University of Maine from 2007 to 2009. I would like to return to printmaking sometime in the future and have space set aside for it in my home studio, and am currently gearing up to build a traditional relief press similar to what would have been used in during the renaissance, as well as a more modern intaglio/rolling press.

I've put these pages up not only to show some of what I have done in printmaking, but also to give an overview of techniques and perhaps through my own works present something that can educate others. The first few links present my introduction to various kinds of prints, and the rest of the pages are various assignments in no particular order.

Test Collagraphs
an intro to Intaglio Printmaking
Test etchings
an intro to etching for Intaglio Printmaking
Test Relief Print
an intro Relief Printmaking
Test Monoprints
an intro to Monoprints and Monotypes
Test Engraving,
an intro to Engraving for Intaglio Printmaking
Wedding Invitation,
Woodcut Print painted over with Watercolor
Wedding Invitation, Chiaroscuro Woodcut Modular Print Exercise Mixed media modular prints
Nighttime Wanderings
Death and the Chamois Hunter
Mixed Etching, Engraving, and Drypoint
Big Fish Eat the Small
Yer all a Bunch of Tools
Various types of Engraving and Etching
Untitled series of Monoprints
inspired by my random sea kayaking trips
The Syllabus
A series of Lithographs
Characters from Theurdank Collagraph
Theuerdank Characters version 2
Monotype Print
Peeled Face Self Portrait Monoprint Pieter's Piper Etching Buiten Schreef Piper Etching and Monotype